Stopklatka means in Polish - movie frame. With this in mind I've decided to go for almost still scenes,
refering to specific film genre, with some glamour style.
I've created and delivered whole tv identification package with wide range of animations.

Art direction & animation: ZOND5  |  music:  SZYMON WYSOCKI 
pRODUCTION: WHITEKANGA  |  Client: Kino Polska TV

R&D / Particles / compositing: maciej miszkiej
3d models:  Krzysiek Zwolinski, Damian Zaprucki

30 sec., animation was "kind of a guide" for rest of ID package. 
Also with my team i've created more additional animations. Here are 18 of them.

First storyboard

Concept boards

Animatic / dev progress