It's official!

Poland's biggest air fuel supplier Petrolot is rebranding and changing name to Orlen Aviation.
This was kept in secret till official evening, held in Arkady Kubickiego - part of Warsaw Royal Castle, produced by Walk Events.
300 guests during exciting program also enjoyed animation i've made to visualise such important moment in company's life.

Entry brief was quite simple: change one logo to another, entertain viewers for 2 minutes, make it epic!

Hell yeah! 
With production team from Walk Events we ask Client to point out some most important things for them that
i had to include in animation.  We get: moment of fueling - since it's company's main job and fueltanker as it's main tool.
Awesome, now we had something!
I've started with gathering refernces of jet-a1 fuel, planes, fuelers and meanwhile came up with narrative flow of animation: 
As old logo fades away, we witness moment of creation engaged by fuel stream. In abstract space it flows around emerging letters of new logo. At some point we move outside and see fuel nozzle that connects to aircraft and move thru airport to the fueltanker. New logo appeare on it's side.
After that i've made storyboard and some styleframes that helped me and agency on the pitch.

Bang! It worked. Client was charmed and gave us full ahead!

Month till deadline. 3000 frames. 12 shots. 7 of them with fluid simulation. 1 man. 2 computers.

To keep production cycle change proof i've started with animatic - to lock timing, cameras and fluid paths.
Having all shots preanimated and cut to selected music we've ensured Client that abstract stuff
that we're talking for some time is getting real.

But the real deal has yet to come. Simulations.  
I've used Realflow c4d integrated plugin for all shots. It took me almost 2.5 weeks of sim/caching to have all shots done.
Some of them had v7 some v1 numebers at the end. Overal cache was around 3.5tb. Only 1tb made to final shots. 

For rendering i've  used Otoy's Octane, except wireframe shot. 
It's proven abillity to render specular materials at top level was a sure choise. Rendering was done on two 980ti hybrid cards. They've handle few million triangles of fluid mesh quite good. Awerage frame time was around 2-3 minutes with PT6/20 and resolution 1920x1320. Compositing and slight color correction for final look done in AFX.

Thank you for watching.