At the begining of 2017, Audi launched global campaign for it's new A5 and Q5 models.
All around the globe new models were presented  to the selected audience at various events.

I was commisioned by Onlight Studio, which was responsible for all video content at the show in Warsaw's Torwar Hall,
to direct & execute engaging animation for A5 model reveal.

2 minute animation, 40m wide LED screen, epic story! 
What to say? F*k Yeah - let's do it.
So here it is: full version 
and recorded version - synchronised with stage lights:
Working on a tight deadline, just before Christmas and New Year's eve, with Onlight's team we've created rough storyboard and styleframes - to show our view on A5's digital world.  It was inspired by global campaign "Pure imagination", that went public in middle of 01-2017 and apparently was made by GMunk & The Mill. It was quite a surpprise.
Happily - Client was quite resonable about that and used reference more like a style guide instead of - do it same way - and we could make our take on Audi's world.

Contepts / Styleboards :
Let's get to the execution:
1 man. 1 computer. Particle sims & 21 days till event. Resolution 5270x784.
Hard - not impossible.

Onlight's executive producer Jarek Skrzyński had to show final animation after 18 day's from start of work for final acceptance.
With that in mind we've made some adjustments to the storyboard and splitted animation intro 4 scenes:  
Opening / Digital / City / Car reveal , so they could fit in to production schedulle. 

Animatic previews:
I've started with timing of the camera movement - so it appear dynamic and epic at the same time,
but smooth enough not to make dizzy watched on 40m lenght screen.
Then i've created "world" around it's path using stock 3d models, X-particles, Megastructure 3d kitbash & Beeple's DVE scene.
Yay! Thnx for the crap ;D ​​​​​​​

For rendering i've  used mixed Otoy's Octane and C4D Software render ( for X-particles ) layers, and composite in AFX with some help of RedGiant's Looks and ChromaticAbberation and VideoCopilots Optical Flares.

Also i've used genius C4D Free Camera Rig by Viktor Kishankov: 
Big up for that man!

Stillframes from final animation:

Thank you for watching.